Fitness Friday: How to do a proper Push-Up

Push-up, sweet push-up ohhhhh how I love thee!  Too much?  Yeah okay lol....the push-up is in my opinion one of the best exercises that you can do to tone your upper body by working the muscles in you chest, arms, and shoulders.  This classic exercise is performed in the prone position by raising and lowering your body using the arms.  
As I said earlier push-ups exercise the pectoral muscles,triceps and anterior deltoids with added benefits to the midsection as a whole. Begin by assuming the high plank position with your arms and shoulders in line keep your elbows as close to your side as possible and try to look a few inches out in front of you not directly down.  When done correctly the push-up will look something this. 


Below are a few pictures showing the push in three easy steps. Once you've reached step 3 just push-up and repeat!  That's it you've done a push-up!


See ya next time!

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