Fitness Friday + Talk Tuesday in one

Today Fitness Friday topic is also going to serve as my Talk Tuesday topic 
(yes I'm late)  
 Developing chest muscles or should I say women developing chest muscles.  

 Developing the pectoral muscles can be a challenge especially for women the push-up you can click here to view my post on how to do a proper push up, chest press, bench press, and the chest fly are the main exercises I use to develop my “pecs.” 
Chest press
Chest fly

There are many benefits to us women developing these muscles other than the fact that a well-developed chest gives you a lot functional strength, developed chest muscle can also help lift and fill out the overall appearance of the upper body.  Not to mention that coveted center chest line that acts as a badge of honor for strong and fit women.  So what are your thoughts?  Ladies would you or do you strengthen your chest muscles?  Fellas how do you feel about women with developed chest muscles?  

I hope to hear your opinions on this topic!
See ya next time!

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