My Favorite Smoothie

Hey beautiful people! 
I thought I would share my favorite (well one of my favorite) smoothie recipes.  This is a very simple smoothie that can be made with fresh or frozen fruit.
Here's what you'll need
1. Blender (I'm using my NutriBullet)
2. Coconut Milk around 2/3 of a cup
3. 1 cup of fresh or frozen strawberries
4. 1 cup of fresh or frozen mango chunks
5. Handful of spinach 
6. Optional- Almond milk or Coconut milk ice cream (I use one scoop)

Number 6 is totally optional it makes the smoothie ummm let's say smoother lol.  I don't eat any diary products, which by the way was harder to give up than meat!  Anyway today I'm using the Almond milk ice cream (it's delicious) and sugar free!  You could use yogurt if you'd like.  

Here are all the ingredients 
 Yep they all fit (^_^)
Here's the finished Smoothie it really smooth, delicious, and healthy! 

What's your favorite Smoothie recipe? Please share it in the comments section!
See ya next time

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