Loc Style Edition

Hey Beautiful people!
I've had my locs in these 2 strand twists for a week these twists act as a protective style and I get a bonus style when I take them down I'll have some awesome crinkles and curls that will last for a week okay a few days since I work out daily.  Anyway I needed to create a quick updo and this is what I came up with if you follow me on IG you've seen this look if you're not following go ahead and click the Instagram link over to the right ➸
This style is nothing fancy but I decided to share it.   I used about 7-10 bobby pins to create this look.
Here's what I did: 
1. Parted my locs across the front of my head to create the "crown"
2. Rolled the locs back (like a pompadour) and pinned them
3. Took the remaining locs and rolled them up towards the "crown" and pinned away! 
That's it super easy and cute (well it's cute to me) I was even told I looked like an African Queen today. 
Grace and Peace 

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