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He had it coming to him...
My heart feels heavy my feet feel light I ran and I ran searching for evidence of the missing daylight
Stitches of regret broken bones of broken promises bruised spirit of concealed bruises a battered soul of lies perpetually told
He had it coming to him
My demise showed itself clearly it looked right at me as that old familiar spirits bottle shattered from bended knee
This time it's different my spirit whispers to me this time life is fading that's how it has to be
Conflicts eternal create a war from within send love fleeing into a morbid tailspin
Entering personal spaces this final dance begins an encore requested and I gave in
Wall to wall hand to hand strike to strike we danced we danced
such a disgrace what has taken place as that liquid red life splashes across my face
Then it was over immobilized in fear my spirit yells RUN into my ears
My heart feels heavy but my feet feel light I ran and I ran searching for evidence the missing daylight
life I saw fading I thought it was me but no I struck back and it was him you see.
He had it coming to him

unpublished work ©2013 Takei Inspirations


 *This is poetry violence is never the answer but sometimes violence begets violence*

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