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Every ethnicity, race, or group of people has history this is just part of mine.
Do you ever think about your freedom? I believe sometimes we take freedom for granted especially in America.  I often think about my freedom here's a poem that came by those thoughts of freedom.

Lady Freedom

We came here by deceit
We stayed because of defeat
We followed and obeyed to maintain less we faced being beaten and disgraced in any case we lost our family lines our ties were untied and broken with lies, screams, and cries.
Fear may be in their eyes but freedom in on their minds
They heard about a train that runs underground the destination is freedom
once it leaves the gate we will soon arrive at our new fate
The fare may seem steep and for some cut to deep
If you won't pay your fare it's inevitable you'll remain as a slave bound in chains
Payment must be made in sweat blood and tears and when it's all said and done we'll have erased all our fears.
Men want to be men and make their own way, own their own land no longer tied to the slave master's hand.  
The train had a conductor she was brave as could be the only thing she wanted was for her people to live free for me she must have cried for me she would have died.
Now this great train didn't move by engine even coals didn't make it run.
This train was fueled by the need and the desire to live free under the sun.
As you go through this life living free day by day gives thanks to the Creator for sending her this way
Thank you for Harriet Tubman she helped pave the way.

You may have been born wealthy filled and with opportunity
as for me I was born with a legacy filled with slavery
Now this legacy has been broken we are renewed and restored I give glory unto God that this slavery was destroyed.

unpublished work ©2013 Takei Inspirations™
Photo by Takei Inspirations™

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