Poetry | Get In Where You Fit In

Life is moving fast be careful not to crash or should I say ruin any chances at success take heed listen closely and always do your best when you find you've made mistakes don't break becoming that saucer falling from a cabinet from hands that couldn't grasp get yourself a paper plate and hold on to this knowledge as time continues to pass reach down into that bookshelf also known as your mind there I’m sure you'll find some remnants shaped like nuggets from the past something that can help you get past that figurative Red Sea that's trying to block your path.

Get in where you fit in life is moving fast don't be that one on the corner holding that sign will work for cash. Understand every situation wasn't made to last you got the keys to the kingdom will you drive or will you crash

Spending money is the easy part how about we try to make the money last generational wealth leave something here for those yet to come

Don't be held captive to the money trusting in things that keep you locked in tied down walking around in the IOU mask it blinds your God given vision you don't borrow you lend promises have been made you are the stars and the sand proposed to father Abraham.  Go out and claim your land create a plan and follow through just like that flow of traffic on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Get in were you fit in understand your claim to fame this world can’t contain the power and the presence that’s released when you call His name.

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