Poetry | His conversation

The smell of smoke lingered in the air
The scene was cool with a bit of an eclectic flair
 I sense someone watching but I don't wanna stare 
I raise my glass to see if there's a reflection there
I see you looking but don't dare acknowledge I act like I don't care. 

But soon conversation exudes and your words they tease, inspire, and embrace my intellect with speech so full of knowledge and insight that I felt at any moment my inner self would explode and show your outer self just what it means to be stimulated with such speech and such knowledge that it electrified the fibers within my soul

 At that moment I wanted to be transformed into your thoughts so that I might softly touch your ear and gently approach the insides of your mouth where I could exit through your lips there I'd taste the essence of your kiss

It all started with your words now I desire much to much to be the rhythm of behind your thinking to be the thought behind your speaking and the logic behind your knowledge 
I want to be the sweat on your brow as you ponder what comes next I want to be the voice from your box as you release what you get from those thoughts those ideas your conversation is making me feel like becoming the Queen to your King if you know what I mean

To be the reason behind your stride as you glide into a crowded room where smoke lingers in the air all because you know that I'm there.

unpublished work©  2013 Takei Inspirations™

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