Fitness Friday: Abs

I feel like its been forever since I did a Fitness Friday post!  Yeah it has been a while but better late than never right?  My apologies to anyone who reads my fitness post I will try to be more consistent with them maybe a monthly fitness instead of weekly.  Okay on to the point of this post!  Abs are one of the tougher areas on the body to develop especially if you've given birth or kinda let your midsection go if you know what I mean.  Let me start by saying that without proper diet developing abs is next to impossible.  Develop a clean eating lifestyle! Cut out processed food, eat lots of plants, whole grains, eat foods with fewer ingredients (read labels), eat 5 to 6 small meals a day.  It may seem like a daunting task but its really not that bad and the benefits are awesome.  Besides you can always take baby steps and don't give up if you backslide just start again!

The best ab workouts, in my opinion, are targeted core workouts these focus on the entire core rather than just the abs themselves.  It's also important to note that cardio exercises are working the core muscles as well.  But in this post I will tell you about my favorite ab targeted exercise, the Ab Wheel/Roller.  Yep this little wheel has the power to transform abs.  Here's how it works:

*First things first: This exercise should not be attempted if you have lower back problems or hernias*

1. Grasp the Ab Roller with your hands and kneel on the floor.

2. With the roller on the floor in front of you get on all fours basically in the push up position.  This is the starting position.

3. Slowly roll the roller straight forward as you stretch your body into a straight position.  You'll want to go down as far as you can without your body touching the floor.

4. Take a brief pause in this stretched position then start pulling yourself back to the starting position.

Tips: Repetitions should be done slowly, keep your abs tight at all times, breathe out on the stretch out and in on the roll back.

My abs are not where they will eventually be but they are developing nicely and this exercise + clean eating has a lot to do with it.  What ab workout routine are you currently using? Share in the comments!

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