Poetry | The Beauty Mask

The bowl lay overturned on the floor, a rough crack running down one side. 
The powder has fallen and wasted for the last time the lipstick is smashed it has lost its shine
Those shadows of color de-potted and destroyed the time lines of life now visibly shown and the rouge rendered useless overturned in the bowl
The masking of her face it masked her self worth it went well beyond make up for her it covered invisible scars of broken dreams of lost loves and the cruelty of childhood laughter on the school playground her self worth was stolen she magnified this in her mind 
She masked her true beauty with idea of that seen on video and movie screens
  She covers her scars with powders of color with a painted on smile yet deep inside the face of rejection is in her reflection along with the hurt and affliction of dealing with real life color contradiction
The conflict of color created a deep scar the images of beauty had been colorless thus far
 Her hair didn’t flow or blow in the wind her organs of vision lacked color they had a dark tint
 She'd always felt awkward and clumsy making it hard to fit in
Home alone in the mirror she gazes and stares the scars distort the beauty self worth is not there
Time wonders on she continually grows she learns of her inner beauty and self worth begins to grow
The beauty of all things she gladly beholds the beauty of all women all colors young and old
Embracing the differences in each and every face she discovers her own beauty and it reclaims a worthy place
For only a brief moment she mourns her wasted youth in one swift movement as graceful as can be her arm pushes the mask from the table and the bowl lay overturned on the floor, a rough crack running down one side. 
Rejection destroyed beauty reaffirmed with the love within herself she now realizes what her true self is worth.

 unpublished work©  2013 Takei Inspirations™

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