Loc Myths | Debunked

Over the years locs or dreadlocks as some people call them have gotten a bad rap.  Here are my top 5 loc misconceptions.  What myths have you heard about locs?  What are your thoughts on locs/dreadlocks?  I'd love to hear them!

1. Locs are dirty- The truth is locs are clean and can be shampooed just as much if not more frequently than loose hair. Good hygiene is important whether you have locs or loose hair!

2. Locs smell- This is an extension of the first myth of course clean hair isn't going to smell.  Locs are just hair and they smell like hair lol

3. Locs are unprofessional- This one could go either way because someone in the position to hire may have his or her own misconceptions about locs.  However, I know loc wearers in professions ranging from teachers, lawyers, doctors, pastors, bankers you name it loc wearers have found a place in corporate and professional mainstream America.

4. All Loc wearers are Rastafarian- Okay yes many, many loc wearers are of the Rastafarian faith but certainly not all!  Prime example is yours truly☺
In any case I certainly respect those who chose to wear locs for spiritual reasons.

5. You have to shave your head if you want to get rid of your locs- Well this is the easiest method to get rid of locs but it isn't the only method.  
Locs can be combed out using lots of time and lots of conditioner did I mention it takes lots of conditioner☺

6. Locs give limited styling options- Lies!  Locs are actually very versatile.  Here are a few options curly locs, crinkly locs, coloring locs, cut in various styles, updos, braids, and so much more.

Just me and my locs

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