Inspiration | The Happiness Jar 2014

Happy Monday!
I got the idea from watching a YouTube video from +ibyl  and decided I'd create my own happiness jar for 2014.  
Here's how it works.
During the year every time something good/special happens or someone gives you a complement even if it seems like something minor you'll write it down (I include the date)  and place it in the happiness jar.
At the end of the year you can revisit all those happy memories by reading each note and undoubtedly bring a smile to your beautiful face along with joy + gratefulness to your heart. 

Here's what you'll need
1. A jar (mine is from Joann's isn't it cute)
2. Little pieces of paper (I just cut up index cards that I had lying around)
3. A pen or pencil
4. ♥ Happiness ♥

Grace and Peace

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