Inspiration | Staying motivated during the Winter

Hey everyone!  Let's face it summer bodies are created during the Winter right?
  Exercise, yes even for me is a challenge during the colder months.  It can be difficult to stay motivated for fitness when the temps are drastically dropping.  It all comes down to a mindset change after all exercise is good for your mind and body and you've only got one of each!
Here are a few tips that might help you stay motivated!
Grace and Peace

1. Buddy up Find a workout buddy or workout group.  This way you'll be accountable to someone other than yourself and your partner or partners will too.  Virtual buddies work too!

2. Count the cost If you pay money for something you're more likely to stick to it.  Join a gym, sign up for an aerobics class, spinning class, bootcamp class, crossfit class (my personal favorite), or some other fitness class.  You could even register for an upcoming event or charity run. This will make you accountable to your pocketbook/wallet.  

3.  Picture it Place motivational pictures around your living space.  Personally I use a vision board and it's located where I can see it everyday.

4.  Post updates Set goals and post them on social networking sites such as, a personal Blog, Facebook, Twitter, ect.  Doing this keeps your goals fresh in your mind and your friends will be there to support you and likely ask you how the fitness goals are going. 

5.  New Wardrobe (Kinda) Invest in cold weather gear! Especially if you plan on running or walking outdoors.  Feeling warmer while you're outside can help keep you motivated and make the task seem less daunting. 

6.  Eat right Make smart eating choices especially since you probably won't be burning as many calories

How do you stay motivated during the cold weather months? Leave your tips below.

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