3 Reasons Why I No Longer Use Shampoo

1. Shampoo Bars are gentle on your hair and free of sulfates great for all hair types.  So if you're into the more "natural" ways of caring for your hair and or your body shampoo bars are for you! They are free of sulfates and most contain an array of the following:  essential oils, shea butter, goat milk, coconut oil, olive oil.  
2. Shampoo Bars give you more bang for your buck.  Okay so these bars last way longer than the average bottle of shampoo and they can double as a body bar.  In fact I use my Peppermint shampoo bar as a body bar all the time!  I priced 3 shampoo bars the average cost was $7.68 compared to 3 popular liquid shampoos the average cost was $12.85 
3. Shampoo Bars are more convenient especially for air travel.  If you're a frequent flyer you already know that the struggle is real when it comes to traveling with liquids!  Not to mention the horror of having a liquid product spill in your travel bag.  
Here are some of my current favorite shampoo bars
 1. Njoi Creations Bentonite Shea Bar is cleansing without over drying.  I do recommend a deep condition after using any type of clay cleanser. $6.25 (Here)
2.  Knotty Boy Sandalwood Bar leaves hair clean and moisturized + it smells great $8.00 (Here)
3. J.R. Ligget's JoJoba Peppermint Bar I love this thing it smells great it leaves hair clean and moisturized $6.50  (Here)
4. OBIA Coconut Shea Bar $10  (Here)
Do you use shampoo bars? If not why and if so which one is your favorite?
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