DIY || Fabric Covered Headband

Super easy DIY project plus it's a fun way to jazz up your hairstyles for the Spring and Summer 
Here's what you'll need
1. A Headband
mine is from my local Dollar Tree $1
2. Mod Podge + applicator brush
I get it from Hobby Lobby
3. Scissors 
5. Fabric of your choice
I used Kente print from Hancocks Fabric Store
First you'll need to cut your fabric into 3 strips mine measured 6 inches long.
Now you apply the mod podge onto the first section of the headband and wrap the fabric around that section making sure you're moving the fabric down the headband.
 Once you finish the first section start with the second section.  
When the headband is completely covered you can stop there or create a bow like I did.
I folded one of my strips in a bow shape placed that on the headband then covered the center of the shape with the excess fabric to create the bow.  
That's it super easy and super cute!
Use this same method on little girls headbands too!  
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