5 Steps to Build Upper Body Strength

Building upper body strength can seem a bit overwhelming.   I'm sharing 5 steps that helped me build upper body strength.
1.  Always check with your personal doctor prior to starting any exercise program. 
 2. Once you're cleared to start training keep in mind that combination of compound and isolated exercises work best.  Compound exercises work a variety of muscles at once for example, push ups work triceps, chest, and shoulders.  
3. Push Ups:  Push ups are a great way to start building upper body strength I have a post on the Push Up (Here) 
Start with 10 daily before you know it you'll be doing 100 or more daily!
4. Bench press:  The bench press works a variety of upper body muscles.  The primary focus of this exercise is on the pectorals major muscles of the chest. See my post (Here) 
5.  Biceps & Triceps:  Strengthen your biceps with bicep curls and triceps with tricep dips.

Image from Womenshealthmag.com

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