Fitness: The Pull Up

4 Reasons why you should be doing Pull Ups

1. Convenient: You don't need a gym membership to complete this body sculpting exercise you can do them in the convenience of you own home, dorm, or hotel all you need is a doorway.
2.  Body Sculpting:  I don't focus so much on my weight any longer.  I focus on the cut of my body the V-tapered physique is important to me.  If you want to achieve this look pullups are a must. Warning pull ups will make your back wide but, a wide back and shoulders with a slender waist line and walla you’ve got the V-taper. 
3. Variations:  One of the coolest things about pull ups is that there are many different variations of the pull up.  One version doesn’t require any additional equipment all you’ll do is switch your hand placement.  I like to do the reverse grip also called chin up because it also works the bicep muscle!
4. Fat Burn:   Pull ups get your heart rate going!  Reduce the rest in between sets and include another exercise (I use push ups) for a high intensity workout. 
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If you're a beginner use a footstool to boost yourself up until you build strength.
If you can only do 1 or 2 reps its okay keep doing them you will get stronger!

Check out my video below!

Enjoy ☺


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