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Go pure naturals 100% Pure Argan Oil

Upon receiving my Argan oil nothing really stood out to me. The packaging was subtle nothing too flashy which has been my experience with other argan oil products that I have purchased and or seen in stores. The oil comes in an amber bottle with a drop applicator which you will need while using (Trust me )

I used this oil fresh out of the shower and honestly I couldn’t be happier. The directions say 1-3 drops and you think to yourself, that's not going to be enough right?  Fo review purposes I decided to follow the directions to the letter. 
The result was Ultimate skin hydration!
Instantly seems to penetrate the layers of skin without becoming too oily or greasy.  No shine that will blind someone in traffic what you get is the moisture you need and a slightly dewy finish that lasts. 

From this point I’m super happy and I’m thinking lets try this in my hair! Instant awesome without weighing down my shoulder length locs. Same as with my skin I got instant penetration and a shine that is not over powering.

·         No scent so the oil will not interrupt your everyday fragrances.
·         Ultimate penetration really works as advertised!
·         Economy of oil usage because you really don’t have to use a ton of this to work.
GoPure Natural is one of my favorite 

·         The drop applicator feels flimsy so make sure you keep it in a safe place I don’t think it will survive a fall from your bathroom counter top.

In all this product is really fantastic and I will continue to use it there really isn’t anything to complain about. Except that I can’t take showers and put this oil on all day because ….well you know I have to go to work and stuff…. so I can earn more money …. to buy more oil ☺︎

Check them out here:
GoPure Naturals

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